Zip & Clip Trimmer

$65.99 $55.99


TruChic's Zip & Clip Waist Trimmer

Helps Tuck in those unwanted love handles and helps contour your waist line giving you a seamless silhouette in any attire you choose.

Outer: 100% Latex

Inner: 100% Cotton

Some additional Benefits:

  • Accelerates weight loss through high compression
  • Immediately reduces waistline
  • Immediately flattens the tummy
  • Helps Corrects posture
  • Flexible boning prevents the garment from rolling up
  • Zipper and hooks front closure


**TruChic does not guarantee results.  Results are based off each individual.  Please consult your physician if you have medical concerns.  TruChic is not a medical professional.

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